Chris Fick & Associates

A3blMC Coetzer is our chief litigation attorney, also specialising in commercial contracts and mediation.

MC started with us at Chris Fick and Associates in 2006. He read his B.Proc at the University of Pretoria and successfully completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Negotiation and Dispute-Resolution at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

When he’s not working, MC either takes his bike and heads to the mountains or he makes a bee-line to the water. Since moving to the Cape, MC has fished for both Western Province and Protea Fly Fishing Teams and is currently a member of the senior Protea Team.

Not surprisingly, his passion soon saw him heavily involved with the Cape Piscatorial Society, of which he is now the Vice President and Chairman. This Society has overseen fishing in our province’s fresh-water areas since 1931 and remains actively involved in the protection and preservation of fish stocks through negotiations with organisations such as Cape Nature and The City of Cape Town.

This year, he will be coaching the SA team in the World Fly Fishing Championships in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. As such, he will be out of the office from 19 May – 2 June.

MC’s passion extends not just to fishing or his work, but to the legal community at large. He is a founding member of the Association of Independent Mediators (AIM) which practises and promotes mediation in the Western Cape. He is also a Conflict Dynamics qualified mediator and accredited as such by them and by the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement.

A natural sportsman and strategist driven by a healthy sense of competition; we cannot think of anyone better to guide our Proteas to victory. We wish them all the very best of luck.