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“The conditional acceptance of an offer amounts to rejection of same and not the conclusion of a contract, but may be a counter–offer.” (Extract from judgment

“The golden rule for the interpretation of testaments is to ascertain the wishes of the testator from the language used. And when these wishes are ascertained,

“In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are” (Unknown) Lending money to a friend or family member in need sounds

If, after a property buyer has taken transfer, it turns out that a structure on the property is unlawful for lack of local authority planning permission

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s a great opportunity for couples in a life partnership to review their legal and financial relationships. Not having in

Our criminal courts report a new surge in a particular type of workplace monetary crime – serious thefts and frauds by those in the most trusted

Media reports of the recent Constitutional Court decision holding a section of the Divorce Act unconstitutional and giving Parliament 24 months to remedy that haven’t always

South Africa is attractive to overseas property buyers with our world-class lifestyle, depreciated Rand, strong property registration and legal systems, and minimal restrictions against non-resident property

A recent High Court decision once again highlights the dangers of signing anything without reading, understanding and fully considering it. A “Renovator’s Dream” and a case

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Springboks Triumph Over All Blacks: A Well-Deserved Victory! A hearty congratulations to the Springboks for their outstanding victory over the All Blacks in the recent game! It was an exhilarating match, and we're proud of their performance.  Well done, Amabokoboko!