Confirming the identity and responsibilities of all parties involved in an agreement ensures a smoother road ahead. In a world of constantly advancing technology, where fraudulent documents can be found more and more readily, confirming the legitimacy of documents is an integral part of getting business done.

Our Notarial Services will help you avoid an unnecessary identity crisis, in legal terms at least.

Life Partnership Agreements
As Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a-changin’” – this seems especially true of how society views marriage. With more and more couples choosing to commit to each other without making their commitment a business transaction, a Life Partnership Agreement allows life partners to enjoy several of the benefits that only traditional marriages used to offer. We can help you make it official, without “making it official”.

Antenuptial Contracts
“Prenups” have been a part of society since long before Kanye West and Jamie Fox advised people to get one signed. Antenuptial contracts (ANC) are about safety, protecting the future of both parties. While the most popular use of ANCs may be for pre-determining the terms to be adhered to when the marriage ends, it is far from their only use. ANCs protect each party’s assets against the other’s possible mishaps or unforeseen financial strain. We can help you ensure the safety of your future, no matter what happens in your marriage.

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