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A6blAnyone involved in construction work, including developers and other “clients”, “designers” (architects, engineers, interior designers etc) and contractors, should familiarise themselves with the Department of Labour’s new “Construction Regulations 2014” issued in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  These regulations currently apply to any construction that commenced after 7 February 2014 (earlier construction projects are affected only from 7 August 2015).  They require formulation of health and safety plans, risk assessments, compliance with health and safety standards, and health and safety training.

Construction work permits and appointing agents

Developers planning any project scheduled to commence on or after 7 August 2015 should also prepare now for two further requirements that will apply from that date to specified large construction projects –

  1. They will need a “construction work permit” before starting construction, and
  1. They will have to appoint an “agent” who must be a registered professional Health and Safety Agent (PrCHSA).

Non-compliance will risk both “stop work” orders and the imposition of penalties and criminal liability, and as your chosen PrCHSA will need time to prepare for the permit application (which must be lodged 30 days before you start work), don’t leave this aspect of your planning to the last minute.

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