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When Your Buyer Can’t Get Finance, Could a Kustingsbrief Save the Sale?

“A kustingbrief … has long been recognised as a superior front-ranking form of security.” (Extract from judgment referred to in the article) You accept a great offer on your property, the sale agreement is signed and the buyer pays the deposit. You put the champagne on ice. But before you can pop it open, the […]

Creditors: How to secure your claim with a notarial bond

You should always take as much security for your claims as you possibly can before advancing credit or lending money to a debtor. That’s because if your debtor fails and is “liquidated” (if a corporate) or “sequestrated” (if an individual), without security you will have only a concurrent claim in the estate. And with a […]

The trouble with family loans: A R540,000 lesson

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” (Shakespeare) “Family helps family in times of need” – that’s been part of human culture since long before the dawn of history but be sure to observe all legal formalities. A recent High Court decision provides an excellent example of the risks […]

Your websites of the month: Tips to manage debt and master your money

Times are hard, and although hopefully we are now seeing the first green shoots in our economy, there has never been a better time to improve your relationship with money and the state of your finances. Have a look at these website articles for ideas on how to make a start – “No more fighting […]

Accidentally paid the wrong person? Lessons from a R862k banking app error

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch” (Economist Milton Friedman) In these days of online banking and electronic payment, it’s not uncommon to find out to your horror that you have made a payment to someone in error, either to the wrong recipient or in an incorrect amount. If that happens to you and […]


“As dit te goed klink om waar te wees, is dit waarskynlik die geval.” Piramideskemas weereens in die nuus. Ons hoor dikwels van ‘n nuwe groep mense wat vir nog ‘n piramideskema geval het. Dit is nie net desperate pensioenarisse of lae-loontrekkers wat om die bos gelei word nie. Selfs ervare sakemense en kundige beleggers […]


“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” (wise old adage) Pyramid schemes are in the news again. They are easy to fall for, with not only desperate pensioners and low-wage earners but also Captains of Industry and many otherwise-savvy investors regularly tricked into “investing” in them.  The reason of course is […]