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Attorneys selling properties has become a big topic for discussion in the property industry. However, this is nothing new. Attorneys have been selling properties for and on behalf of their clients since time immemorial.

What is new is the way in which attorneys are now doing it and the extent of their involvement in the property market. With the internet and modern technological advances in the property market, attorneys are now able to implement their additional skills to the benefit of their clients. With the assistance of their conveyancing attorneys, sellers can now more easily and financially more beneficially sell their properties without the involvement of traditional estate agents.

Some property owners even venture to sell their properties themselves, without the involvement of an estate agent or their conveyancing attorney. While this is fully possible for property-savvy owners, it is recommended that most homeowners consult their conveyancing attorneys at the beginning of this process to avoid the risks which are inherent to any contractual transaction. Involve your conveyancing attorney from the beginning before placing the ad for the sale of your property on the internet.

Meanwhile, a host of alternative estate agencies have entered the market, to the dismay of the traditional estate agencies. Another initiative is the concept of “attorneys selling properties” and in this regard, the Attorney Realtor Hub ( will be active within the next few weeks. This website offers a modern, easy-to-use and financially beneficial option for property owners and buyers alike.
The Attorney Realtor Hub website will be offering tech savvy tools for the property market. The Hub more specifically offers membership to property attorneys to enable them to utilise these tools in order to assist their clients with the marketing and sale of their properties. It is also possible for home owners to find attorneys through the Hub who can assist them with the sale of their properties.

The benefits of the Attorney Realtor service are:

  • Only cash or prequalified buyers are introduced to sellers;
  • Viewing of properties is revolutionized with modern technology;
  • Sales commission is limited to only 2,5% + VAT;
  • A qualified attorney as a Property Realtor assists sellers and buyers to negotiate and conclude the largest transaction many will make in their lifetime.

For more information, contact Meyer de Waal, Charlene Nolte-Joubert, Chris Fick or Giles Buswell