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A Costly Case of Buyer’s Remorse

A recent High Court decision once again highlights the dangers of signing anything without reading, understanding and fully considering it. A “Renovator’s Dream” and a case of buyer’s remorse “Let the signer beware!” Bottom line – sign nothing without understanding exactly what you are agreeing to.

Compliance certificates required when selling a property

There is a duty on the Seller when selling an immovable property to provide certain certificates of compliance to the Purchaser. There are five compliance certificates that the Seller is required to obtain at his/her own cost before the transfer of the property takes place. The following are the necessary certificates: Electrical Compliance Certificate The […]

Landlords: You cannot cut a defaulting tenant’s water and electricity  

“A fundamental principle in issue here is that nobody may take the law into their own hands. In order to preserve order and peace in society the court will summarily grant an order for restoration of the status quo where such deprivation has occurred, and it will do so without going into the merits of […]

Property buyers: The danger of not doing your financial homework

“Look before you leap” (wise old proverb)Don’t let the excitement of buying a property blind you to the necessity of doing your homework before you agree to anything. Look before you leap! It’s not just a matter of buying the right property at the right price – make sure that your finances (and particularly your […]

Selling Your Property – Keep CGT in mind

When selling your property, property taxes come in various guises. An expense not always understood, nor adequately planned for, is the possibility that you will be liable for capital gains tax (“CGT”) on the sale. In this article we discuss the concepts of “base cost”, “capital gain” and “primary residence” before explaining – with the […]

12 Questions to ask before you sign that deed of sale

“Knowledge is power” (old proverb) Whether you are buying or selling property, remember that it is too late to ask questions after you sign the Deed of Sale (often called a “Sale Agreement” or “Offer to Purchase”). “Knowledge is power” rings particularly true when it comes to any form of process with significant legal consequences, […]

Noisy neighbours – Your rights, and buyers beware!

“In common law, everyone is in general permitted to use their property for any purpose they choose, provided that the use of the property should not intrude unreasonably on the use and enjoyment by the neighbours of their properties” (extract from the “gym case” below) Consider this unhappy scenario – you buy your dream home […]