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If you are inheriting from someone who passed away on or after 1 January 2018, don’t blame the estate’s executor for one substantially-increased cost you may notice – Master’s Office fees.

They are calculated on the value of the deceased estate and were long overdue for an increase, going up sharply from the old maximum of R600 to a new maximum of R7,000 (which will apply to any estate of R3.6m or more).

See the table below for details –

  Value of Deceased Estate Master’s Fees 
Before 1.1.18 From 1.1.18
R15,000 or more but less than R17,000 R42
R17,000 or more – R6 for each additional R6,000 + R6 / R6,000
Subject to a maximum of R600
R250,000 or more but less than R400,000 R600
R400,000 or more – R200 for each additional R100,000 + R200 / R100,000
Subject to a maximum of R7,000

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