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CF-A4bGift ideas for your clients

Get some inspiration with “13 Fun (and Affordable) Gifts for Your Business Clients” on the BusinessNewsDaily website.  Google for local suppliers and alternatives by adding “site:za” into your search terms e.g.  “Electronic travel mug site:za”.

Business Networking at the Year End bash

Turn your Festive Season parties into valuable business opportunities with “10 tips to get your business ahead during the Christmas party season” on the Business Sense website.

“Oops I didn’t mean to send that!”

We’ve all done it – you’re in a rush, and 2 seconds after pushing the “Send” button on your Outlook you realise that you shouldn’t have.  The wrong person will get it; or the right person with the wrong message – disaster!  Possibly even legal liability.  But it won’t happen again if you follow the simple instructions in “Fix the “Ooops I did not mean to send that!” email issue” on Tech4Law’s website.

Track your lost or stolen smartphone

Avoid the nightmare of losing your smartphone/tablet/device.  If it’s stolen, call in SAPS, your security services provider and your local crime watch immediately – there have been many successes with both recovery and arrests.  Read “How to track a stolen smartphone” on the website.

Emergencies I: Install this app

The “mySOS SA” Emergency app gives you access to appropriate emergency assistance –

  • When you don’t know who to call,
  • When you don’t know where you are,
  • When you really need help…

Download it from your smartphone or

Emergencies II: Add ICE numbers to your address book

Don’t forget to have at least one “ICE” (In Case of Emergency”) number in your cell phone address book – paramedics and other emergency personnel are trained to check your phone for these emergency numbers so they can contact your family/friends/colleagues when you can’t do it yourself.  Follow the steps in “How to Add ICE to Your Cell Phone”.

Surviving the drought

Sadly many parts of SA are it seems in for a drought of epic proportions. “Saving water for a sustainable future” on the Western Cape Government website will help you cope with the inevitable water restrictions.

Travelling internationally?  Here’s the new visa concessions timetable

See “Changes in SA immigration regulations: What you need to know” on the Homecoming Revolution website.

Granting credit – new Affordability Regulations

If you are a credit grantor or consumer you need to know about the new Affordability Assessment Regulations, available on the National Credit Regulator’s website. For an overview and a practical example see “Consumer Credit: Affordability Assessment” on the Consumer Protection in South Africa blog.

Domestic workers’ wages up 1 December

Full details of the new minimum wages are in “You will have to pay your domestic worker more from December” on the BusinessTech website.

“Hangover Cures around the World”   

And to end off on a lighter note ….. whether or not you yourself would ever think of imbibing (let alone over-imbibing) anything stronger than iced tea, have a laugh with this infographic on the Health24 website .  Experiment with these only if you dare, and entirely at your own risk!

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