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ChrisSmartphones, tablets, mobile devices. They are the future of the Internet, and the exponential growth in the number of businesses and individuals using them means that – very shortly – that future will be here. You need to be part of it!

And once you are the proud owner of your new device, you really are losing out if you don’t have a lot of apps installed on it. The beauty is that you choose only those apps that are useful for you. There are apps for just about everything you can think of out there, literally now hundreds of thousands of them – many of them free.

And as the list of new apps grows daily, your challenge is in navigating this Aladdin’s Cave to find the best and most useful of them for your particular needs.

A good place to start is the MakeUseOf blog at Hover over the “Best of Apps” tab at the top and choose your device.

Then there’s the Gizmodo blog – choose whichever of these pages applies to your device –

Tip: Before you download any new app, check how often it has been downloaded and read the reviews. As a rule of thumb, the more popular an app is the better it is. And take note of any negative reviews as well as positive ones – there are rogue apps out there you definitely don’t want to touch for fear of spammy advertising or even malware.

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