Chris Fick & Associates

Our 4 to 8 week internship program has been running since August 2015 and is aimed at improving the experience and skill sets of young unemployed individuals of all backgrounds. We encourage these young individuals to gain administrative experience, develop office related skills in a formal work environment and adopt a positive outlook.

Our interns are selected mainly from the suburbs and townships around Cape Town by Mrs Suzette Ndovie, an independent individual who herself lives in a township and is involved with various projects in her community to help adults to be self-sufficient.

The internship program offers opportunities that assist our interns in gaining on-the-job work experience and build their profiles with the intention of making them more marketable in their respective fields. They are involved with real work assignments that we regard as valuable within our work structure.

A big part of the program involves job shadowing, office skills training, the introduction and exposure to various Government Offices such as the Deeds Office, Master’s Office, the High Court, Magistrate’s Court, the Civic Centre, SARS, Post Office and Docex, and performing tasks at these various of these offices and institutions. The interns are exposed to and involved in messenger functions, post preparation, archiving, serving and filing, office filing, practising computer skills and conducting basic research, telephone etiquette and other general office functions. Over and above these practical skills we encourage them to read and engage in self-education.

Several of our former interns have obtained employment after completing the program.

To learn more about the program and our interns and possibly consider them for temporary, part- or full-time employment, or starting your own program, please contact us at and 021-4243937.