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CF-A3bFrom 1st November, you can only register a vehicle, obtain or renew a vehicle licence or driver’s licence, or register any change in your particulars or address, if you submit proof of –

  1. Your full names, date of birth and ID number, by way of “any form of acceptable identification”, and
  2. Your residential and postal address, in the form of “any utility account”.  If the utility account is in someone else’s name, you can lodge it together with an affidavit or affirmation from the other person declaring that you reside at that address.  Anyone residing in an informal settlement can lodge “a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor confirming [your] postal and residential address”.

These new rules apply to all motor vehicle and driver’s licence transactions country-wide, but if you don’t have standard identification and proof of address documents, contact your own local authority for details of what it will and won’t accept.

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