Chris Fick & Associates


All disagreements and disputes can be resolved through honest negotiations rather than through time consuming and costly litigation.

The manner in which you approach disputes with your business partners, a contractor or even with a family member or a neighbour has a long term impact on your personal as well as financial wellbeing.

We can assist you to resolve such disputes through a process of facilitated negotiation, round table discussions or formal mediation where the end goal is to not only resolve differences but to also preserve long term relationships. Contact us to assist you in setting up such a process with your disputing party.

For a limited fee of R 2000 (all-inclusive for a session of up to five hours) we will help you to facilitate a meeting and resolve your disputes amicably and efficiently!

Call us to discuss and book your session: 021-424 3937 (speak to MC or Chris) or send an email to

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