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Various members of the legal fraternity have reported a sharp increase in the number and type of attempts, as well as the increased sophistication used in these attempts at defrauding firms, their clients and third parties.

In order to safeguard you in all our dealings with you and on your behalf, we have implemented stricter policies relating to identifying you and the bank accounts you want to use for a given transaction. As such, we will whenever possible prefer that we meet with you and/or telephonically verify your instructions and details, should you wish to vary the account into which you want to receive payment.

In RISK ALERT, a joint publication of the Attorneys Fidelity Fund and the Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund NPC the following warning is made:

“We have widely published information about the e-mail scam on our website, in the Bulletin and in other media. Up until the present, the insurer has come to the assistance of the profession in these matters. As from 1 July 2016, the insurer will no longer entertain these matters. We recommend that all practitioners put in place measures to protect themselves in these situations – be it through effective risk management measures or additional insurance protection … or preferably both.”

Risk Alert Bulletin – Special Policy Edition – July 2016

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