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Hello Everyone,

Our last newsletter was in July, sorry for the wait – hope you missed us.

Covid is still with us but fortunately the Deeds Office restrictions eventually were relaxed to functional levels. Hopefully conveyancers will also be allowed by the Deeds Office to drop their visors in the near future. Hope springs eternally.

The Master’s Office remains a huge challenge and we trust that the restrictions on access will be adapted/lifted sooner than later.

The pro and antivax groups seem to be polarising even more than before.  That is unfortunate.  We need each other in these trying times and everyone should be allowed to make their own informed choice in regard to taking or not yet taking a vaccine jab, without being judged or shunned or coerced. In our practice about half have been vaxed and the other half is still having a cautious look at what may be the best for them. Vaxed and unvaxed clients are welcome to our office – we follow sensible and practical Covid rules for the protection of each other and our clients, and we expect our clients to do the same.

We have 3 interesting articles in this newsletter.  Let us know which one has most relevance for you.

Wills Week has come on gone in early September.  We did not participate in this year’s drive, but we invite our clients to contact us to have their existing Wills updated, where required, or to get advice from us on possible changes.

Spring has been slow in coming this year, after a proper cold and wet Cape winter.  October beckons and so does Spring and hopefully a friendly Summer.

Lastly, if any of our regular Newsletter recipients do not wish to get our monthly newsletter anymore, just drop me an email and I’ll have the distribution list updated in that regard.

See you again in October.


Chris Fick

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