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11 POPIA questions to ask yourself before 30 June 2021

Note: This is a complex topic and there is no substitute for tailored professional advice. What is set out below is of necessity no more than a simplified summary of some practical highlights. You and your business are at substantial risk if you aren’t fully compliant with POPIA (the Protection of Personal Information Act) on […]

POPIA’s one year deadline to start running on 1 April?

Will the main provisions of POPIA (the Protection of Personal Information Act) really commence on 1 April 2020 as media reports suggest, or is this just another case of Crying Wolf? This time it seems it may be the real thing, with the Information Regulator having formally requested the President to declare the commencement date. […]

POPI: An existing risk, a right royal ruckus, and the EU deadline

When will the enforcement provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI” or “POPIA”) come into effect? Latest indications are that the Information Regulator will announce final Regulations and a commencement date shortly, but there have been so many delays already that we perhaps shouldn’t be holding our breath on that one. Three important […]

Small businesses and POPI: not crying wolf this time?

“Crying wolf is a real danger” (David Attenborough) POPI (the Protection of Personal Information Act) will provide welcome protection for our personal information – our names, ID numbers, addresses, medical histories and so on. But the other side of the coin is that it will expose small businesses in particular to a whole new raft […]


“Don’t Panic” (Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) Almost every business in South Africa will be affected by POPI (the Protection of Personal Information Act), but don’t be misled by the many articles and media reports doing the rounds that imply you are at immediate risk of non-compliance.  No general commencement date has yet […]


POPI (the Protection of Personal Information Act) is now partially in effect, but only to the extent that the way is now cleared for the appointment of an Information Regulator and the promulgation of Regulations. That’s certainly progress, but it’s likely to be a while still before the main provisions of the Act come into […]