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How Does the New Divorce Act Ruling Affect You?

Media reports of the recent Constitutional Court decision holding a section of the Divorce Act unconstitutional and giving Parliament 24 months to remedy that haven’t always been clear about who needs to be aware of this, and who doesn’t. Firstly, understand the three “marital regimes” available to you Legally, marriage amounts to a binding contract, […]

Selling Your House to a Non-Resident

South Africa is attractive to overseas property buyers with our world-class lifestyle, depreciated Rand, strong property registration and legal systems, and minimal restrictions against non-resident property ownership. Which is of course great news for property sellers in any area popular with foreign investors. Coastal and other tourist-friendly areas will appeal particularly to buyers wanting a […]

A Costly Case of Buyer’s Remorse

A recent High Court decision once again highlights the dangers of signing anything without reading, understanding and fully considering it. A “Renovator’s Dream” and a case of buyer’s remorse “Let the signer beware!” Bottom line – sign nothing without understanding exactly what you are agreeing to.