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Divorce: Claiming interim maintenance and a contribution to legal costs

If you are not the breadwinner in a marriage, one of the daunting prospects of applying for a divorce will no doubt be the worry of how to support yourself (and your children if you have any) whilst the matter winds its way through the court system. Plus, how will you be able to pay […]

Coffee with us: How to resolve problems in a better way

When you experience a family issue, or issues, or a business relationship goes sour, or a big dog bites your best friend in the park, you do not have to call your lawyer immediately, at least not to write a threatening letter. Although mediation has been around for a long time, it still is used […]

Private schools and parents behaving badly: The expulsion option

“…it can hardly be in the best interests of all concerned for this family to remain at the School” (Extract from judgment below) With the new School Year now well under way, let’s have a look at a recent court decision of interest to all schools, parents and learners. Importantly, this case involves not a […]

Declaration of international mediators: How can we use this?

On 28 May 2018 the International Academy of Mediators held a conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The conference discussed how we, as mediators, can look outward and work towards a better community and society. For us in South Africa, where we find ourselves experiencing varying degree of conflict pertaining to  racism,  land expropriation, dissatisfaction regarding service […]