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AIM hosted Dr Panos Lazanas at a Mediation Café on 30 September 2015 at The Cape Town Club Town.

The presentation and discussion was on:
What Underpins Mediation?
Is there such a thing as Conscious
Decision Making?

The role of unconscious decision-making in our daily decisions and behavioural patterns, and the importance of being aware of these processes, were discussed and demonstrated.

Dr Lazanas’ discursive explored the psychological aspects of what underpins Mediation. Benjamin Libet, a pioneering scientist in the field of human consciousness, conducted experiments, through direct measurement of neural responses, producing results that he asserted demonstrates that, for short time frames and / or strong emotional states, there is no such thing as conscious decision making. This being the case, how does one engage with the subconscious reality that shapes and determines how we react to the world? And how does this knowledge assist Mediators?

The presentation included a number of demonstrations and elicited a range of proving questions. The informal  discussions among audience members and Dr Lazanas continued well after the meeting officially ended.

A synopsis of the presentation can be read here.

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