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Maintenance claims and life partners

More and more couples are opting to live together as permanent life partners rather than enter into a formal marriage. The risk for such couples is that whilst our law is steadily (if slowly and cautiously) extending many of the protections of formal marriage to unmarried life partners, that process is not by any means […]

Divorce: Claiming interim maintenance and a contribution to legal costs

If you are not the breadwinner in a marriage, one of the daunting prospects of applying for a divorce will no doubt be the worry of how to support yourself (and your children if you have any) whilst the matter winds its way through the court system. Plus, how will you be able to pay […]

Grandparents – When are you compelled to pay maintenance?

How many grandparents are aware of, let alone plan for, their possible legal liability to pay maintenance for grandchildren until they become self-supporting? It’s an important issue – many grandparents are retired or planning to retire and having to support a grandchild, for decades possibly, is a daunting prospect. So, let’s look at when and […]

Collecting Maintenance in Hard Times – Threaten Jail Time

Maintenance arrears are notoriously difficult to collect, and in these hard times many dodgers will plead poverty. But particularly when children are involved our courts will not hesitate to threaten serial defaulters with jail for contempt of court – a wakeup call which has no doubt resulted in many a dodger changing tune with considerable […]

Maintenance defaulters – No place to hide

Obtaining a maintenance order for the support of yourself and/or your children is all very well, but what if you are dealing with an “Artful Dodger” who is determined not to pay you? New provisions in the Maintenance Act just handed you two powerful new weapons – Tracing defaulters: Serial maintenance dodgers are fond of […]