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Security Warning: Property Sale Cybercrime Surges, and a New AI Danger

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, a good time to focus on the fact that cybercriminals are targeting more and more property transactions.   If you are selling or buying property, keep your guard up! In the context of yet another High Court dispute over who will bear the loss of a substantial amount of […]

Arrest and a criminal record for not wearing a mask

“7,000 people have already been arrested for not wearing masks and most of them now have criminal records” (Police Minister Bheki Cele in mid-January) We all know that wearing a face mask is the right and the safe thing to do, but it is also a legal requirement – and it’s one that you really […]

Don’t fall victim to a Ponzi scheme in 2021!

2021 could well be a bumper year for Ponzi schemes (and their equally evil cousins, pyramid schemes). They flourish in all countries and at all times, but with our pandemic-related economic woes and general disruption we will no doubt provide the scamsters with particularly fertile ground this year. And these schemes just never go away. […]

Lockdown “Admission of Guilt” Fines – The Criminal Record Risk

Breaking any of our lockdown laws can be an expensive business, risking heavy penalties. If you are accused of a contravention and offered the option of paying an “admission of guilt” fine to avoid a court appearance, beware! It may seem like the easy way out to pay up and put the whole thing behind […]