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Conveyancing is the process by means of which the legal ownership in immovable property is transferred from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance over the property such as a mortgage bond or a lien to a third party. When you are planning to buy, sell or manage your most important investment, your property, you need the best legal assistance and advice to ensure that your interests are carefully and professionally represented and looked after.

We provide professional assistance to property owners who wish to sell their properties privately, i.e. without the involvement of an estate agent.

Our property law services include:
Agreements Relating to Property (Offers to Purchase, Joint Ownership Agreements and Servitude Agreements)
Residential, Industrial and Commercial Property Transactions
Deeds Registration and General Conveyancing
Private Mortgage and Notarial Bonds
Notarial Services (Antenuptial Contracts, Life Partnership Agreements, Personal and Praedial Servitudes, Notarial Bonds)
Marketing and Selling of our Clients' Properties
Assisting Clients with the Sale of Their Properties Click Here for More
Property Management

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